life with more cowbell

Realizing I’ve been getting behind in the movie viewing again, so I’m happy to say that the schedule has allowed for some excursions into those dark rooms with a bunch of strangers and the aroma of popcorn. Little thing about me: I’m satisfied inhaling that salty, buttery popcorn scent but don’t order it myself, as popcorn = thirsty and thirsty = drink and drink = pee and pee = missing part of the movie. Also, as I’m getting older, I need to watch the salt intake. But it’s all good. And I digress.

Last night, I went with my pal Lizzie Violet to see Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie. This was something I was really looking forward to – not just because I’d be going to see it with a great friend, but because it was amazing that we were able to find a day we could both go. I’m usually…

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