life with more cowbell

Hey all – a bit late on this one today as I needed to sleep in and get to the early matinée of Moonrise Kingdom – more on that in tomorrow’s post.

Last night I had not only the pleasure of dropping by The Central ( to hear Meghan Morrison play, and in the company of some good pals like Lizzie Violet, Kat Leonard & Laurie, but I got there early enough to be the first to sample one of Meghan’s lemon poppy-seed strawberry-topped cupcakes. And it was delicious!

Morrison was the first set of the evening downstairs (opening for The Alter Kakers, which I wasn’t able to catch – next time), with bass player Stuart Everitt and Morrison’s bro Evan LeBlanc on guitar, with Morrison switching up between keys, bass and even guitar as they played tunes from her We Are All Born Naked CD – including…

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