life with more cowbell

Back at the lovely Celebration Square in Mississauga last night, this time at the Amphitheatre, located near a really cool – and gorgeous – fountain/wading pool. When I was there about two weeks ago, I trekked with my pal Kat Leonard and her aunts picked us up at Kipling Station. This time, I travelled with pals Lizzie Violet and Janis Tipping – and we made the trip on MiWay transit from Islington Station. It was quite the bus trip – a bit of a schlep – and we had a really nice, and funny, driver helping us out with which stop to get off. Downtown Mississauga loops and mazes around, and you gotta watch where you’re going if you’re a newbie like us gals. And thanks to Janis’s friend Paolo for the drive to the subway at the end of the night.

This evening’s festivities was the concert portion of…

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