One of the funniest plays of the Fringe so far!

life with more cowbell

Tonight’s Fringe adventure took Lizzie and I to the Randolph Theatre, where we bumped into Philip and Darren from The Judy Monologues – like us, there to see Lynne Kamm’s Mum and the Big C.

Written and directed by Kamm, this is the story of Ripley (Elvira Kurt), a single under-employed lesbian with commitment issues who comes to stay with her family therapist mum Donna (Janet-Laine Green), who’s been diagnosed with stage one breast cancer and due to have surgery. Mum is a busy lady – having an affair with married co-worker James and receiving the unwanted attentions of her sweet Italian widower neighbour Tony (both played by Trevor Hayes, who plays all the male characters) – while Ripley manages to hook up with single mom Maddie (Megan Fahlenbock) at a local bar. And we’re talking the suburbs here – Mississauga, to be exact.

Turns out, Maddie is Donna’s…

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