Info I require…

I am re-posting in my blog in hopes of reaching out.  All info is welcome including book titles, names of people in the Toronto area etc.


I am doing research for my novel and I need to talk to some people who might know the following….

Time period for all these things. Early 1900’s:
Gaelic Xmas song, in Gaelic.
The history of Cabbagetown/Riverdale – types of businesses, people and buildings
The Spiritualism movement – the history of it in Toronto, as well as famous people attached to it, stories of seances. (a historian may have this type of info)

Though I could spend hours on the intranetsss looking for this stuff, or go to the reference library. I actually want to talk to someone, pick their brains.

One comment

  1. Hey Lizzie – for the Gaelic Xmas song, maybe check out the Celtic Studies dep’t at U of T. City of Toronto archives and Heritage Toronto should be able to help you out with Caggagetown/Riverdale stuff. As for the Spiritualism movement in T.O., you got me. Happy hunting!

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