Letter to lost or forelorn spirits

Dear Ghost,

You’ve been on my mind of late.  I’m not sure if due to the resurgence of television shows about ghost hunters or psychic detectives, or maybe I’m thinking too much about the demons of my past and the ghosts of my future that may never be.  My brain is over stimulated these days, thoughts of money not in my wallet, love or lacking from the foolish humans and that fork in the road that continues to block my path.  Why oh why have you suddenly found a crook in my gray matter.

I have questions, so many questions.  I’m requesting you answer them without vagueness. I request that you make the writing on the wall clear. I request clarity. I would be ever so grateful if at least this one loose end in my life could be tied up into a nice tight, clean knot. Then I could finally move onto other things, things I may never have answers to.

You’ve been murdered and your soul, essence, spirit, what have you, can’t move on till your death has been avenged, the killer caught and punished.  Along comes Miss or Mister medium who become mental cases due to your mind numbing, information missing dreams and messages.  Seriously, if you can contact them, couldn’t you just give them the person’s name? Don’t you want to find peace and happiness?  Is there some messed up Ghost code that only lets you play dead charades?

Another thing that’s been haunting me, in both the real and paranormal world.  If you can become corporeal enough to bang on the floor, open cupboard doors and levitate beds, why can’t you hold a marker in your hand and write a detailed message on a wall?  Give the poor humans a hint already. Then again, maybe part of being a ghost is you get to play head games without guilt.  I’m starting to think it’s fun for you.

What’s the deal with the dark?  Is this you or are the ghost hunters just fixated on night vision equipment?  Personally, if I had night vision goggles, I’d find better and kinkier ways to use them.  Maybe this is ghost foreplay and kink for you?  I know you can make yourself visual during the day, movies like The Changling and The Sixth Sense say it’s so.  Are you afraid of the light?

Step into the light
remove your fear
and let the truth be seen.

Shadows of a long dark sadness
are washed away
white chalk, simple words.

Life, love, death
affirming, attainable, unavoidable
all slipping to the latter.

Breath in my soul
release your old ghosts
together we find answers on the wall.

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