Pride and realizing when it’s time to get over yourself…

I sat down and had a talk with myself today.  An honest talk.  A painful talk. Being a full-time writer and editor is a financial struggle at the best of times.  Unless you are working full-time for a publisher, newspaper or magazine, it’s impossible to stay afloat.  So… I had to set my pride aside, get over myself and made a decision.

Rent, bills, food, paying off debt = $$$  In order to make $$$ I have to have it actually coming into my bank account.  In order to do this, I have to go back to temping.  It’s a means to an end, a way to survive.  There is a beauty that goes with this.  It’s temporary, I have promised myself that.  So I cut a deal with my evil self.

There are people in this industry, who I greatly respect, that also have to do the same thing.  If they can, so can I.  There will be a few other changes I will need to make.  Finding a cheaper place to live is the next step.   Possibly a second part-time job.  When you are fighting the good fight on your own.  You gotta do… what you gotta do.

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