Cluster Fuck!

chaotic sleep
heavy, nervous chest
bed more appealing
days restart naught

panicked dreams
palpitating beats
moments of reconsideration
must not falter

sit-up, sigh
sit-up, breath
sit-up, pull back
these covers will not save you

standing erect
finally moving in paces
wet, yellow, foamy dog vomit
wake up call

head connects with freezer door
stars, pain, consider
hit harder
walk away

moving, yet standing still
moving, chest heaving
moving, tunnels colliding
fork in the road

cyberspace hell
messages vanish
24 of nothingness
running running escape

days before here
yesterday’s regrets
images of past darkness
messages of eternity

reinstall, curse, reboot
reinstall, curse, reboot
reinstall, curse, reboot
1500 creeping back

rent must be paid
avenues exhausted
frustration evolving
restructure, rethinking

moving in circles
return to beginning
chipping with patience
failure unforgivable

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